Alessandro Fersen Study Centre

The Alessandro Fersen Study Centre was founded in 2016 in Genoa as a response to Ariela’s and the Akropolis Theatre’s wishes. The registered office is in the Akropolis Theatre and the operating site in the Museo Biblioteca dell’Attore in Genoa; the president and vice-president are Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio, both are directors, authors and managers of the Akropolis Theatre, while Ariela Fajrajzen is the centre councillor.

The Study Centre’s goals are to organise activities, promote events, and make publications that allow for opportunities of in-depth analysis of the essential topics of Alessandro Fersen’s research: the origins of theatre, knowledge, tragedy, the actor’s job as an instrument of knowledge of himself and of the world.

In April 2015, in Genoa, as a parte of the Akropolis Theatre festival Testimonianze ricerca azioni VI the activity ‘zero’ was organized, the conference Gioco e sapere. Forme di un teatro senza scena (Play and knowledge. Types of theatre without scene), in which Roberto Cuppone, Gerardo Guccini, Roberto Pellerey and Enrico Pitozzi participated as speakers. The contents of the participation of Gioco e sapere. Forme di un teatro senza scena were collected in a book of the same name edited by Akropolislibri.

In April 2016, as a part of the following edition of the festival, the conference Rappresentazione e visioni dionisiache (Representation and dionysiac visions) was organized. Speakers included Silvia Mei, Carlo Sini and Angelo Tonelli. Their contributions were also collected within a volume, which is currently being processed for publishing.


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Alessandro Fersen Study Centre

  • C.F. 95192910107
  • Registered office: Akropolis Theatre, Via Mario Boeddu 10, 16153 Genova, Italy
  • Operating site: Museo Biblioteca dell’Attore, Via del Seminario 10, 16121 Genova, Italy



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